Van Gaal exposure urged Manchester United this week signed three-year contract worth 2,500 pounds

After missed the Champions League next season ahead, only the pursuit of Manchester United this season, perhaps with Tottenham compete for a Europa League tickets up. By comparison, FIFA 14 Coins Manchester United and down is not much pressure. At this moment, Manchester United's top priority is to finalize the next permanent coach. On the issue handsome, Manchester United is actively negotiate with Van Gaal, but the Glazer family in no hurry to make a decision. Contrary Dutch can not wait, he hopes soon to finalize the future, in order to win their hearts, he led the Dutch team to prepare for the World Cup in Brazil.

Interim coach Ryan Giggs won applause debut, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins including Ferguson, Zidane, including many famous, very supportive, "Wong Lo Kat" positive. However, the Glazer family still tend to choose a more experienced marshal, to replace Moyes posts. Netherlands marshal Van Gaal, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti, all the media mentioned candidate.

With Ancelotti ruled out the possibility of his own White Dream Theater, Van Gaal to become the most promising candidate to coach Manchester United. Buy FIFA 14 Coins Monday published the "Daily Mirror" that the two sides finally signed this week, probably. According to reports, Van Gaal will get a three-year, an amount equal to about 25 million pounds of fat.

As the Dutch team active coach, Louis van Gaal will step down after the World Cup in Brazil. Right now, Van Gaal is actively negotiating with Manchester United, hope negotiations will come to an end as soon as next weekend, his Dutch team must build, open work preparing for the World Cup in Brazil. Van Gaal does not want his future unresolved, to themselves, to bring troubled players.

Manchester United Ryan Giggs was appointed interim coach had informed the Welsh club can not guarantee that he continues to stay at Manchester United coaching future. However, according to the "Mirror" argument, I still very much hope that Van Gaal coaching feats in the Manchester United veteran Ryan Giggs to leave a place. http://www.fifa1314.com

Frank - De Boer also very happy coach after the win

 "I think the kids a little bit nervous, but in the end we succeeded earlier this season, do not forget to win the Ajax squad is very young, there are a lot of young players to enter. the first team. youth sometimes difficult to maintain the best condition throughout the season, especially in recent months, FIFA 14 Coins our performance has declined, but nevertheless we still won success, Ajax is a worthy champion. "

Then return to Ajax Amsterdam team bussed and directly arrived at his home in Amsterdam Arena, and so on, where more than 30,000 Ajax fans celebrate win together. Mayor of Amsterdam Medy van der Laan, "said Frank -. Boer led the team won the league four consecutive years, and in the past as a player, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins he also brought a lot of trophies for the city, he is our ambassador," de Boer claimed, "We played 60 games, and I am not alone. players, staff, doctors, fans together so that we won, you too good, which is the team's victory, thank you."

Ajax captain Maxim - De Jong also conceal his feelings of excitement after he took the microphone, said, "This is our proud club, this is what we love our club is Ajax. . "Ajax player Leslie - Desa said, Buy FIFA 14 Coins" This is fantastic, we have experienced a very good season, this championship is very important to us and now we can relax and celebrate "and Joel ... - Vail Terman said, "Let's get this title relief, unfortunately we did not win last week, the Dutch Cup, but now everything get compensated." http://www.fifa1314.com


Spain 's World Cup is only 50 days away

Before the World Cup began , the Spanish team will play several warm-up match at several fixed time , to June 13 , the Spanish team will be against the Dutch team in the World Cup opening match . FIFA 14 Coins Del Bosque will be under the command of internationals on May 26 , which is focused on the completion of Monday , all members will be staying at the Fonte Nova Hotel .

May 30 , the Spanish team will be the team warm-up match against Bolivia , took place at Seville Sanchez - Pizjuan , Cheap FIFA 14 Coins the Spanish team at the stadium has always been accompanied with good luck , never played in the history of 24 lose. May 31 and June 1 will be a rest day, the morning of June 2 , all the internationals will be a training session in Madrid , and then will fly to Washington , and Catholic University in Washington, training time is 6 May 2 to June 6 .

Spanish team before the opening of the World Cup warm-up match last kick against El Salvador is the team , Buy FIFA 14 Coins the game time is at 4:00 p.m. on June 7 , which is 10 pm Central European Time , place in Washington FedEx Stadium. June 8 , the Spanish team will travel to Brazil in Curitiba , waiting for them will be the June 13 first group stage match against the Netherlands . During Brazil Bosque 's team will be training at Alfredo base. http://www.fifa1314.com

Match Report: Spain 6-0 Serbia U16 Women

Spain Women is a comprehensive revitalization, U16 Women girl are no exception. Although with only one day to rest, FIFA 14 Coins but to usher U16 U16 Women's Championship UEFA Training the second game, against Serbia, the most powerful opponent. But the Women's girls, and the protection of the goal with the ball tactics to win.

In Pedro - under the leadership of Lopez, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins the Spanish team did not give any chance to the first half of Serbia, they get three goals leading edge. The second half, the Spanish team replicated a war against Bulgaria, with three goals, the game becomes a total score of 6-0!

Next Tuesday, the girls will face Romania team, Buy FIFA 14 Coins this will be their culture UEFA U16 Championship in the third game. http://www.fifa1314.com


Juve Sanchez Costa agreement was confirmed with 25 million set in Chile Three Musketeers?

Although Moggi fade football circles, FIFA 14 Coins it is still a hand-eye sky characters, a few days ago for "La Repubblica" had "Sanchez will come to Juventus' predictions. Carter, "mediaset" and "Sky Sports" and other media, first reported a sensational news: Sanchez reached a franchise agreement with Juventus.

The first two people born with a broken leg is different, known as the Chilean Sanchez C Ronaldo is cured of heart disease, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins he played in last season to become a blacksmith, until only 23 league goals to open the account. "Sanchez will not shoot" became dark Chileans overhead

Juve had early in the summer of 2011 to try to introduce Sanchez, the result is the deep pockets of Barcelona Crosses. Buy FIFA 14 Coins Chileans smooth sailing at the Nou Camp, surrendered 17 goals and 11 assists this season, two pairs of transcripts, is second only to Macy's squad second scorer. With the collapse of the Barcelona dynasty can turmoil, as well as Lionel Messi and Neymar unshakable position, Sanchez began to think of killing themselves, Juve saw the opportunity to dream that ends in. http://www.fifa1314.com

Napoli players escaped in a car accident! People only scratch the car was smash

In the last round of Serie A Napoli 1-1 away draw by Udinese, 14 points behind Roma and more sure that they have missed the runner-up, but then Naples still need to keep third place. FIFA 14 Coins Naples will be on the road this weekend against rival Inter Milan, but they squad defender Enrique has suffered a car accident and hospitalized.

According to "Turin Sports Daily" reported this week in three Enrique drove to personally participate in the training, the results in the way the car skidded and crashed into a roadside fence. Photographs from the media perspective, the first half of the car was almost completely destroyed and the head and Enrique also heavily hit the front windshield, the glass knocked cracks. Fortunately, Enrique's injury is not serious, then he was taken to hospital for treatment.

"Turin Sports Daily, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins" the think, probably because of the accident were injured Enrique absence Naples race weekend with Inter. But then Enrique's agent  announced that "all is well now, I am very calm, this is just a false alarm. Player driving to attend training this morning, the result slip road leading to the car to lose control. Lucky He was the speed is not fast, now just some minor cuts, but do not need stitches. Benitez coach at the time this weekend against Inter Milan can still use Enrique. "

And Enrique then also on his Twitter said, Buy FIFA 14 Coins "No problem, I'm just a bruise eyes, a little pain. Thank you for your concern, tomorrow morning I'll be able to resume training, life goes on." Brazilian defender Enrique came to Naples in the winter transfer period and won the trust Benitez quickly, Marjorie injured in Naples Houenlike become the main right-back, and he was placed on a round halfback position, also play sound. Although the accident did not cause serious injury, but may still affect facial injuries to Enrique to play the game this weekend.

"Turin sports newspaper" also revealed that the injury had missed the last round of league Higuain has recovered from, you can match against Inter Milan at the weekend. And also to get rid of the physical discomfort Kalie Hong troubled state of great difficulty, he will cause great Inter's defense. In addition, this season sidelined long side  also expected to enter the competition squad at the weekend, his last entry on behalf of or in Naples last October, has been absent because of injury seven months. http://www.fifa1314.com


Yimobilai influence

 is to expand the scope of Europe, Dortmund has approached the Turin team, hoping to sign the Italian striker is determined to leave their replacement Lewandowski. Data show that Klopp did EYE, Yimobilai is indeed an excellent shooter Levante level. Since entering in 2014, Juventus star supernumerary kill 12 times to break the league, FIFA 14 Coins Serie range and no one can look to the European arena is also an efficient, even more than C Lo (10 balls), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (10 goals) and Suarez (11 goals) 3 big striker, and Sturridge (12 balls) on an equal footing, only goals than Messi (18 goals), described as a person under the top of the crowd.

From the end of the season left four Serie A matches, Yimobilai lead scorer with two goals advantage, if the hot state to continue, Serie A Golden Boot shoo. And if continue to score, nicknamed "fixed" the Italians, not only to consolidate the position of the first name scorer, also contained the name of the Turin team history.

As Serie A traditionally strong teams, many of them well-known history of Red Bull shooters,  early 1970s was undoubtedly the best known of the century. 1972-73 Italian Serie A with 17 goals to win the Golden Boot, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins and two years later became the league with 18 goals scorer again the following year, further, won the Golden Boot title with 21 goals and helped the team regain the league title after a lapse of 27 years . Torino now gone far past the strong demeanor, Yimobilai had the opportunity to copy Puli Xi achievement, re a ball, tying the team to the dusty 38-year-old single-season scoring record, but reserved create a new high, becoming the top scorer in team history Turin hope.

Puli Xi himself on Yimobilai much appreciated, Buy FIFA 14 Coins even linked it with the revival of the team: "I and the players Cheraw two times, there is not much comparable, but his ability and potential to see, I bless He made more than my accomplishments. Yimobilai is eminently qualified to participate in the World Cup in Brazil, Prandelli no reason not to consider him, like him efficient and a young local striker, Serie A scope can not find the first two individuals if Turin want to reshape the glorious history, Kero must find ways to retain Yimobilai, of course, Qieer Qi is also true, in my opinion, if the increase in 2-3 Reviving the existing lineup, the coming year are Spirit will be sure to win the European qualification, the first three are not out of reach. " http://www.fifa1314.com

understand some things , and I know the stadium is to prove his place next season he is not led we return to the pinnacle of the right person ? Yeah, we hope so . " and the Lord Xituoxier Inter had also said that Mazari will remain at Inter coach . http://www.fifa1314.com

Juventus star super efficient C Luoyibusu teeth or gold boots as the best in team history

Serie A decline is an indisputable fact, but does not mean that Italy is no football talent. Especially the front part, Tevez, FIFA 14 Coins Higuain Llorente and other big beachhead under the background of the Apennines, the top scorer in the Italian striker still defend its dignity, if Tony and Alberto Gilardino is Baodaobulao then, Iraq is born, sustained blowout of the season, has given way to Torino striker among the Europe's leading scorer.

During Yimobilai effectiveness Wenqing fame from training camp ,2011-12 season Pescara to 27 goals to become the top scorer in Serie B, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins the following year he moved to Genoa in total form, but the performance is not satisfactory. For temper the player considered to Juventus last summer the price of a mere 2.75 million euros, transfer Yimobilai were entitled to Torino, Italy U21 striker never want for this outbreak.

This season Yimobilai total bombers into 20 league goals, accounting for 38% of the total number of team goals, Buy FIFA 14 Coins and surrendered 13 goals and 9 assists Qieer Qi together to form the most Serie A combination of offensive deterrence, thunder even overshadowed Juve Tevez - Llorente Spear (32 league goals). Yimobilai main pin is right, scored 20 goals in 13 goals, scored four goals in his left foot, header is 3, slightly "partial division", but regarded as a key man, 20 occurred in 12 goals in the second half, and its goal warfare capability can not be questioned, 20 goals without a penalty, a veritable "king of warfare." http://www.fifa1314.com

FIFA 14 Coins  you should never stop dreaming , even in the face of difficulties have to believe it will overcome this weekend we will play against Napoli , we hope to play a great game , and we must show on the pitch running speed of 200 kilometers per hour . "

Inter coach talked about the most Mazari , "Fortunately , the recent period Mazari coach gave me more confidence , so I got the opportunity to play more , but I have to do is keep scoring , because he needs a shooter , just like I said before , I learned from him a lot, but the end of the season he still made ??me understand some things , and I know the stadium is to prove his place next season he is not led we return to the pinnacle of the right person ? Yeah, we hope so . " and the Lord Xituoxier Inter had also said that Mazari will remain at Inter coach . http://www.fifa1314.com


Houllier led by the International League

 Sami - Lee served as assistant, players perform on stage include : Sandor - West Velde , Vegard - Hagen , Stig - because Ge - Bjorn worship Sami - Sami Hyypia , FIFA 14 Coins Marcus - Babel , Luis - Garcia , Didi - Harman , Salif - Dior, Bruno - Xielu , Vladimir - Smicer , Jared - Lee Tema Ning , Yang - molar ratio , Bjorn - Torre - Kewalimei , Abel - Xavier , John - Bishop .

Competition is very exciting, "God" Robbie - Fowler for the local United head start , the international team offside failed offside Fowler struck his ball into the disc over West Velde , the local team 1-0 lead. Cheap FIFA 14 Coins After 20 minutes, the international team score , Harman sent assists , Smicer shot, the ball hit the body to change the direction of the other players , goalkeeper David - James helpless , 1-1.

International team then go-ahead score , John - Bishop shot hit the post bounce , Xielu succeeded blank range , 2-1 ; international team won after penalty, but James Bishop penalty kick was saved by brave . Buy FIFA 14 Coins Local team subsequently won a penalty , Fowler was brought down in the penalty area , he personally kick hit , eventually the two sides 2-2 . It is worth mentioning that the local team in the game Redknapp had little kick 40 yards floral long pass , stunning the audience . http://www.fifa1314.com

Fort Greek charity match - Fowler scored twice in the Reds 2-2 international team of local teams

UK local time on Monday ( April 21 ) afternoon , FIFA 14 Coins packed Anfield , fans gathered to cheer their legendary Liverpool . This is a tragedy for the victims of the Hillsborough charity tournament to raise money , star-studded two contestants , one is native Britain and Ireland team Liverpool legend , the other is the effectiveness of foreign aid was a Red Wing .

Last week, April 15 is the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy anniversary, last week, the British football held various activities to mourn the dead . To subsidize families of the victims , Cheap FIFA 14 Coins Liverpool held on Monday 96 charity game activities. 10:00 , Anfield surrounding areas , there is a wide variety of entertainment.

Competition on the same day 14:00 kickoff time , the local United manager Kenny Dalglish by the command, Roy - Evans assistance team appearances including David - James, Robert - Jones , Alan - Kennedy, Buy FIFA 14 Coins David - Pakistan Ross , Mark - Wright , John - Warwick , Jason - McAteer , Steve - McMahon , David - Thompson - Gary McAllister , Jamie - Redknapp - Michael Thomas , Ronnie - Whelan , John - Barnes , Steve - McManaman , Peter - Beardsley , Ian - Ian Rush , John - Aldridge , Robbie - Fowler and Michael - Owen . http://www.fifa1314.com


If Ramsay Health and Ozil played the whole season

Wenger also praised Ozil to Arsenal brings something different: "Yes, he can always pass Mozhun timing and sharp passing, which allows you to always be able to quickly complete the offense and defense conversion, FIFA 14 Coins which Of course it is very important. Ozil and Ramsey partner to make the team a more balanced game that depends on the player's ability, you can see this today. "

 what will happen? Professor responded: "standings are very close, Liverpool second half performance is great, you can not take anything away from them, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins but they just need to focus on the league, if you look at the injury situation, plus we lost. players, plus the schedule, we have much more difficulty than Liverpool. "

Arteta was knocked a front tooth, which Wenger joked: "Today we lost a tooth, and he was not able to get it back." Before Arsenal scored the second goal, Arteta on Jelavic has a slight foul, but the referee did Holmes sentenced. Wenger denied the Gunners scored controversial: "Honestly, Buy FIFA 14 Coins I do not think this is a foul, foul if convicted, I will not complain, but the incident from the other side of the goal, but there are 70 yards away."

League double play Hull City, the FA Cup final against Arsenal battles "Tiger" Nature is an incentive, but Wenger stressed the different nature of the league and the Cup, but today is the most important task of the gunmen or the league: "Premier League is the Premier League, every games are different, the FA Cup is not the same, I think the most important thing is that we finish the league as excellent, the initiative is now in our hands. " http://www.fifa1314.com

Wenger: Gunners two will immediately become a strong comeback Paul first four> FA Cup

Away to beat Hull City, Arsenal continued to maintain a one point advantage occupy Everton Premier League 4, very satisfied with the team performance Wenger after the game: "We know we must win today, FIFA 14 Coins there is such pressure, but I think From a war against West Ham you can see, we've got to improve the content of the game, and today we once again injected engines more fuel. "

Talking about the whole game, Wenger said: "This is an important victory, the first half the game is very prominent physical confrontation, rhythm quickly, we need a very strong defense air defense capabilities in order to cope with each other, I pass the ball equally. I believe when we are advancing front, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins we could create a threat and can make full use of this advantage. second half when we scored the third goal, I feel the team will have complete control over the game. Generally speaking this is a we performance is very aggressive game, because if you look at the individual players to play and everyone is very good. "

Ramsay shot a pass to outstanding performance, praised Wenger said: "Ramsey returned to fitness and sharp all game state, Buy FIFA 14 Coins he is a threat to our recent offensive on the road is a problem, let us first he and Ozil Field 30 m area fitted with a blade, let us look more threatening, but today we all did well, it was a great team victory. http://www.fifa1314.com


Prandelli also talked about this summer's World Cup in Brazil

 " last year 's Confederations Cup experience allowed us to recognize , must pay attention to the players' physical condition , which is very important now is the most critical play well against England opener the group stage , FIFA 14 Coins until after the group stage to talk further that goal and we do not make the mistake in 2012 when the European Cup final and we will try to kick its own characteristics, especially full play to the strengths of the midfield .

I renew ? There is no formal contract , Cheap FIFA 14 Coins also did not discuss the details, but we are willing to sit down and plan together for the future . Italian Football World Cup before this contest and the coach is willing to renew , which has issued an unusual signal. "

Roma striker Fernandez Castro was suspended because of elbow four opponents , and thus missed the squad . And Prandelli emphasize again that we must comply with international ethics , " and I have talked to the team four points: First , in the last month of ethics violations players will miss the World Cup, because it proves that they can not withstand the pressure , Buy FIFA 14 Coins I also tired of seeing this behavior. Secondly, the players were not hitting the opponent with the fist or elbow. Thirdly, the next time I called up players will be less, but losing the World Cup list of players does not mean they have among future plans for the national team is not in the fourth , after the World Cup squad announcement, all internationals must consider the national team to concentrate when I talked about this when the player made ??no objection . http://www.fifa1314.com

This Prandelli called up a lot of young players

"Look Yimobilai , I remember someone once said that he was not ready to play in Serie A , but now even have asked him to become the main voice of the World Cup and his performance is very good indeed , and we are continuing to observe him and make the most reasonable choice. Benard Desi odd Serie B Crotone in effect before the national team called up a lot of young players performed in Rome for three days of training , FIFA 14 Coins his performance is very good , and we believe he has a bright future , Serie A players also have a few people like him on. European Cup two years ago, we have summoned Ruweiladi before , when he was also in Serie B Pescara play. this time we are also called up Basescu Buffett , Palin , Baldi three young goalkeeper , their characteristics are different but very good performance , coming in Italy goalkeeper position is very secure . "

Prandelli also said that Italy 's younger generation is thriving , "We all want to see more players on the Italian Serie A , but that does not depend on me or the Italian Football Federation , Cheap FIFA 14 Coins but the choice of the club , they should consider the future I recently saw local young players get more opportunities , they are fully capable and foreign aid competition. perhaps the current economic crisis in Italy also beneficial to train young players , young people need help , but also need to get the trust , need to exercise the game . "

The Italian national team is also naturalized Brazilian players Romulo , the 26- year-old player this season, scoring five goals in Verona, eight assists , but had no choice Prandelli told Italian appeasing Inter If Natan wing . Buy FIFA 14 Coins Prandelli said , "In my opinion Romulo can play multiple roles , with excellent speed and technology, we have been concerned about him, and gave him a call , he deserved this big list selected As if Natan , and Romulo different is naturalized players he needs seven months to complete the procedure , and I have been asking the players made ??it clear , 'I want to play in Italy , just want to play in Italy ', but If Natan did not do . " http://www.fifa1314.com


From 1994 to 2014, Brazil won the World Cup return to Brazil

 which is 20 years, the birth of numerous international football superstar, who was the idol when we are young, who accompanied us through the youth, you can also Those who remember the years make your blood boil heroes? NEW YORK, FIFA 14 Coins specially launched 20 national team star tyrannical 20-year series planned, so stay tuned. Period of 20 years to bring you 20 Italian superstar.

Maldini also stressed that in order to have enough patience to be out of the woods, "youth investment projects take time and patience, it is impossible to get immediate results. Least should develop a five-year plan, this is the secret of success of youth . "Milan youth academy has nurtured Maldini, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins Costacurta, Albertini and other superstars, but after training young players is difficult to gain a foothold in the first team, Borriello, Matri, Paloschi and other former youth product all have to leave, and the development of Abate failed to live up to expectations, and now Milan youth academy hopes are placed on the teenager's body Technip Leo.

Three-year-old, who is usually a turning point in the maturity, faced with an important choice career and life development. After graduating from experienced years of hard work into the community, often bring a lot of fatigue and fear. Looking around the football history, Buy FIFA 14 Coins there are many well-known players are entering the three-year-old after only gradually toward the pinnacle of his career, they struggled in the road to success set an example for us all.

Finally Maldini also talked about the Champions League this season, he said, "I will for my friend Ancelotti refueling, always will." Ancelotti has led Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals medal, in the past An Qieluo pedicle coaching period, Milan have won the Champions League twice. This season will have already been eliminated Milan in the Champions League, while the war in Europe is also left Juventus in Serie A this team is still a Europa League campaign, which can be seen the decline of Serie. http://www.fifa1314.com

Maldini: Milan revival of demand weakness in at least five years because of foreign wars Serie 1:00

Legendary Milan defender Paul - Maldini attended a charity event this week, the Italian National Cancer Institute of Milan for many years as the old captain, Paolo Maldini retired though there is no work in football circles, but he is still concerned about Milan and Italian football. Maldini said, FIFA 14 Coins "I'm still watching Serie A and other league match, while the gap between the two is obvious. Than just great extent, as well as rhythm and speed of the game, we are far worse than the foreign clubs, This is our poor performance against foreign teams in the reason. "

Paolo Maldini, a model of one of the greatest football players, left-back and No. 3 position in Italy and AC Milan captain of excellence. From January 1985 to May 2009 debut retired Maldini 24 years of his career dedicated to a club - AC Milan. In Milan, Paolo Maldini growth, brilliant, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins farewell, in red and black color, Maldini interpretation of the legendary football scene. Today, Milan, driven to distraction, lost giants charisma, more people miss Maldini that red and black soul.

In recent years, the city of Milan's two teams AC Milan and Inter Milan are caught in a trough, Inter missed the war in Europe this season, while Milan is currently ranked eighth in the standings, Buy FIFA 14 Coins it could lose the war in Europe qualification for next season. In this regard Maldini believes that "the secret of Milan and Inter Milan to return to the pinnacle of? I think that is to simultaneously focus on investment in the first team and youth training. Has great champion players to help the team to maintain a high level, and the young players also learned a lot from the big players, upgrade their technological level and professional competence, but by no means is that when the first team achieved good results, we can give the youth. " http://www.fifa1314.com


So efficient Llorente

However , that is so not significant mountain dew Llorente , total 30 Serie A goals this season, has reached 14 , tied for sixth in the league top scorer . More important is his efficient, all the goals in Serie A at or over 14 shooters among Llorente shot only 30 games 57 times, FIFA 14 Coins averaging a minimum number of shots ( 1.9 , tied with Gilardino ) , but he made ??14 goals, an average of 4 shots will be able to change a goal, much more efficient than Tevez ( 114 shoot 18 balls ) and the bar of God ( 133 shoot 13 ??balls ) .

 Spain coach Vicente del Bosque also look in the eyes , although it did not move into last month 's warm-up match with Italy , but Del Bosque still be encouraged to Llorente : " Llorente is absent, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins is because the position of the national team in the field a lot of adjustments , the team has been very recognized his ability " to enter the list of the World Cup this summer expedition , Llorente and Diego must - . Costa, Negredo , Soldado , Villa and Torres competition at least into the first three rows .

If the league and the Champions League goals on two lines , only Johnson Llorente Diego - Costa overwhelm the other four people, Buy FIFA 14 Coins even if the injury affect Costa can safely lock a center places , even if the final image Bosque when did against Italy with only two centers to South America , in the state of mediocrity Torres and Soldado case Llorente is also expected to compete with Villa and Negredo remaining one seat , even if really just going to give no Feng array made ??furnishings . http://www.fifa1314.com

InterVideo Spartak Llorente efficiency far beyond Spain without God he will regret it ?

The campaign to face Udinese , Llorente Tongshe corner opportunity to score the first of the season scored 14 league goals , it is worth noting that he is 14 + scorer in Serie A midfielder fewest number of shots , FIFA 14 Coins so efficient striker tower but even the face of the many options Bosque can not give up. [ Related reading: Spain World Cup contention 6 places naturalized center front of God or beaten to death golden boy ! ]

Jin Lianglun League , Tevez missed or because of poor performance or leg , Llorente come forward , the team with six shots in exchange for four goals in three . The campaign , he scored the process of fully demonstrated its superior sense of teamwork and the ability to capture the fighters in front . Cheap FIFA 14 Coins When the ball into the penalty area , his first thought was of his teammates , lift the right foot with the heel hook the ball to the far post to follow up Ao Bangna ; when the latter 's shot was blocked Sikufeite again got the ball slightly Fallon special already before the pressure to within a small area , when he no longer polite, plus Tongshe stopping action at one go, the ball easily launched into the empty net.

Ball entered , the opening stage of the offensive is also quite abundant Udinese completely gone morale, but also let the game become more than an hour remaining quasi garbage time , savings from the physical point of view is still fighting two lines contribute Juve . Llorente review of the field data , Buy FIFA 14 Coins we will find that there is not much really amazing place, three shots into a ball , and another extraordinary and key passes the 1, the ball 54 times , 39 times to complete the transfer ball , the success rate was 64%.http://www.fifa1314.com


PS4 and PS3 versions of "FIFA 14" real machine video game screen contrast

Sony's PlayStation 4 have been listed, it means a lot PS4 games also met with the players. Foreign media IGN made ??a video, FIFA 14 Coins showing the football game masterpiece "FIFA 14" image differences in the PS4 and PS3 platforms.

By "FIFA 14" PS3 and PS4 pictures side by side comparison, we can see that the players PS4 screen model is more delicate, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins the audience stands on the movement more natural and more realistic. But this video makes me a little puzzled that the commentary in the end game is still the PS4 PS3 games?

According trailer introduction, "FIFA 14" next-generation version of the new engine will be taken to blur "the boundaries of the real world and the virtual world," Buy FIFA 14 Coins  in the trailer "FIFA 14" executive producer David Rutter and vice-producer Nick Channon we introduced the main motive for the next generation of technology. Including more interactive audience, more realistic game, more real star, flowing jersey, splashes and so on. http://www.fifa1314.com

With "Live Series" hesitant

 "FIFA 14" officially became the most popular of this year's football game. To celebrate the achievements of the game , EA released a "FIFA 14" worldwide statistical picture , FIFA 14 Coins including the most popular teams and players , goals and other data ( you can click to enlarge collection ) .

From the figure we can see , most of the fans are the Real Madrid team -Low : 717,000 people ; Barcelona : 643000 people ; Manchester United : 631,000 people ; Arsenal : 598,000 people ; Bayern Munich : 381,000 people .

Maximum number of goals a player is C Luo , has scored a total 35.2 million . Followed by Benzema , 26700000 . The third is the "Super Mario " Mario Mandzukic , Cheap FIFA 14 Coins 20200000 . Massey students ranked only fourth , 19.4 million . Will Real Madrid and Barcelona fans after a squalling when there is material .

Even more interesting is winning between the teams , although this is only in the game , but more or less able to explain the real strength of the current between several big clubs . Up against Bayern Munich , Real Madrid , reaching 9,638,429 games, winning 39% of Real Madrid , Bayern winning percentage of 40% , a little beyond the small series of health . Followed by the Spanish National Derby , Buy FIFA 14 Coins a total of 8,960,823 games, winning 49% of Real Madrid , Barcelona 33% ( as a small series of Real Madrid fans laugh ) . Barca 's game against Bayern total 2,548,348 games, winning 33 percent of Barcelona , Bayern winning percentage of 48% , the German boss totally afraid of Catalan .

Another EA game statistics also technical data , there is an average of 991,000 per 90 minutes of football rolled into the net , and nearly one million . In contrast, every 90 minutes there were 1.9 million times shot was blocked by the keeper. This shot higher efficiency than a real game a lot . http://www.fifa1314.com

FIFA into the stadium

 we can hear their opening commentary, although all did not understand but it feels amazing, FIFA 14 Coins  FIFA14 is more a kind of official chambers, live this point than its predecessor but has a lack of substantial progress.

And in the character screen performance, the overall model is roughly the same, but the color of FIFA thicker, WE apparent color is refreshing. At this point we feel that the picture somewhat awkward, WE why so refreshing color, the answer is simple, WE ambient occlusion simplified as much as possible, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins  in exchange for just a little improvement, but the low number of frames but scary (I'm talking about Motherboard). When the replay, I also encountered a card than GTA4 experience. Should have less than 20 the number of frames. . .

FIFA Although it does not look lazy but it does detail almost the furnace

In terms of picture detail, Buy FIFA 14 Coins  live how we almost did not bring dramatic changes as stiff running, as illogical physical body collisions. FIFA Although these changes are not large, but under the current function, still make a sound as possible.

In the audio above, the two sides actually heighten the atmosphere of the stadium are almost on playing sound, live flu remains a sphere slightly heavier feel. http://www.fifa1314.com

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FIFA14 against PES2014, match-ups occur again!

How can the next generation of football game screen more okay? Players highly anticipated, trying to find answers from the live. But every live, not just in general, like, every time changes are highly controversial, FIFA 14 Coins  and the FIFA license by virtue of its strong advantages, slowly went back in front of the player, and once beyond the fact. And this fact is used in Metal Gear FOX engine, Hideo Kojima continue to publicize its own engine, has repeatedly stressed FOX fast and realistic character modeling to give the latest FIFA exactly what kind of deterrent it, Here we analyze various aspects under.
Pictures and music

The first talk of PES2014, we are into the game interface a strange body mine to me. The entire interface layout is too behind it. . . And this UI design. Buy FIFA 14 Coins  It really is reborn live it? Or that is to be a simple interface demo? Well, you get hold of the characters do speak at least you get the point across nice gesture and expression of it, is this what ah?

Stylish interface and full integration of the current FIFA WEB forefront of popular fashion experience to the players, ultra-era enjoyment. Cheap FIFA 14 Coins  Plate very concise but can be a lot of information points installed.

In formations here, still live to win, although both sides have not changed, but I think has great room for improvement, not perfect. Here we take a look into the start of the game, the real showdown bar. http://www.fifa1314.com


England one week sales: "FIFA14" successful counter-attack to beat "GTA5" Ones

"Grand Theft Auto 5" sales we see, but never thought of that, only a week's time "FIFA 14" on the counter-attack is successful, FIFA 14 Coins  the "Grand Theft Auto 5" showdown, became the new UK game sales chart one week champion. Although the "FIFA 14" is to force, but still not winning its predecessors "FIFA 13", it's starting sales than last year "FIFA 13" many behind.

    The previous week's "Grand Theft Auto 5" champion could say no suspense, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins  but last week's "FIFA 14" received the most media praise, sales have remained stable. UK chart Chart-Track speculates that perhaps because of the previous week, when players buy GTA 5 is too concentrated, resulting in last week's purchase of "FIFA 14" is relatively more players. Buy FIFA 14 Coins  Besides "FIFA 14" did not go beyond "FIFA 13" is another major reason may be that many players are waiting for next-generation console versions. http://www.fifa1314.com

"FIFA 14" for IGN 9 of praise : slightly better than "live Soccer 2014 " a chip

EA company's famous football game "FIFA" series of new works "FIFA 14" has officially meet with the players , FIFA 14 Coins  the game 's major foreign media also the first time carried out to God for this evaluation , IGN is one of them , they give it games played score 9.0 , see how they say.

   In recent years , "FIFA" series has a lot of good changes. Defensive tactics , player collision engine , kick the ball , they have changed the "FIFA" series fundamentally it to the next level . But "FIFA 14" and no new changes , giving a feeling of family consolidation , so that all aspects of a successful series of more solid , Cheap FIFA 14 Coins  rather than a comprehensive innovation. This year's changes are relatively simple and obvious, but they still reinforce the "FIFA" best side. The focus is to make offensive , games and more perfect , allowing the player to stop.

   In the beginning, players will feel "FIFA 14" Most of the innovations are surface. The player 's movement and shooting have been greatly improved , the animation on the pitch but also more real. But the longer I play , the more the feeling these seemingly superficial changes actually changed the face of the game and game style.

   Although these changes are not easy to distinguish , but I think they make the interaction between the players and the ball and moves more naturally . Players in recent years have become more dependent on the body , Buy FIFA 14 Coins  but now finally reflected in their actions. Players in a sudden change to a change in the body's center of gravity is reflected in a very real , but after a while they will have a buildup of inertia , action and they handle the ball with their feet more reasonable. This makes the game look very appealing , but it also changed the style of the game .

   Although the animation has improved , but it is disappointing that the overall picture of the effect did not improve . The effect of the stadium is almost the same in previous years , this screen effect has been considered almost obsolete . Despite this, the overall performance of the game is still progress. Pre-match warm-up impeccable, perfectly embodies the modern sports broadcast enthusiasm and wonderful. http://www.fifa1314.com


FIFA final team is the aim of each proficient online FIFA player

 In case you are fed up of playing this game limited to your house, and would like to show your abilities and encourage your favourite team game enthusiasts in to the whole world, you may make it happen, and build a dream club. FIFA 14 Coins  You can select your club and buy any player which you require, you may make fantastic progresses by winning matches on the net and getting to greater levels. In case you require to reach your goals in this network, you can buy FIFA 14 coins from specific providers.

What a great sensation is to view your favored footy club winning game by game and getting to final games or winning competitions! Ought to you have that knowledge, you can truly claim that you appreciated footy at most. Cheap FIFA 14 Coins  Now you could repeat these sensations every time you require it, since the EA Game's FIFA 14 offers the excellent possibility to have fun with footy on your computer or gambling console. The greatest control of all of the FIFA editions, outstanding picture, lots of leagues and footy teams with authentic well-known competitors that you love. All of these report the superb FIFA 14 video game which is currently on the market.

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FIFA 14 can be a simulator xbox game created by EA Canada & authored by Digital Arts

 In Sept 2013, it was released for lots of different sites Xbox 360 Process, Sony playstation two, Sony playstation three, FIFA 14 Coins  Ps Basically transportable, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Wii, Nintendo & Windows 3DS computer game consoles.

Football is a moderately short game, but a highly thrilling. It keeps you on the advantage of your respective seating up until the last second. In the event you are a FIFA fan, you no longer must wait for a match to indulge in a session of thrill & fun.

 It is an legal & simple process to gain FIFA 14 coins. Cheap FIFA 14 Coins  For each complement you play, you will get a lots of number of coins like a incentive depending on your speed & agility or perhaps for your participation.

 Playing using a season is another approach to make FIFA 14 Supreme Crew coins. In contrast to a prize volume given to you at the conclusion of each & every video game, Buy FIFA 14 Coins  the game benefits participants with coins every time that player wraps up a time of year. Lower when compared on a general level, although the earnings are higher than per game earnings.

 The final method to gain FIFA 14 coins within the video game is through trading -trading actual funds for FIFA 14 coins. Ought to be done with a few precautions, although this is the simplest process to build an unbeatable squad. http://www.fifa1314.com